Alternatives Of Internet Access Monitor

The folding up of Red Line Software has resulted in Internet Access Monitor becoming unavailable to probable customers. This has created a vacuum in the market which is hard to fill. However, there are some companies and brands which are producing similar products which can provide the services Internet Access Monitor was known for.

While these products may not be able to fully and accurately replicate the services of Internet Access Monitor, they can provide much of that information which was gained through it and help you and your company prevent wasteful use of internet connection as well as increase its productivity.


Vulnerability and Patch Management Solutions

This is one of the most impressive tools for analyzing and supervising internet usage on a network. It can scan an entire network, big or small, and discover any vulnerabilities or even the running of unlicensed applications. The centralized console of GFI LAN Guard can show information coming from up to 60,000 devices. So, no matter how big your office is, you can easily get information from all the users.


Nagios Core

Another highly-impressive tool for monitoring the health of your network, Nagios can also give alerts related to the usage of your network as well as manage events. So, you have a complete package. Apart from the usual features that a network monitor possesses, it also lets you know the overall health of your network. It monitors the condition of the critical systems of your network and that of applications and services.

Nagios comes in two forms. Nagios Core is free and provides the services listed above. However, if you want more features, you will have to upgrade to Nagios XI. It will come with other facilities and would be able to present information through graphs and diagrams.

Net Balancer

NetBalancer, with advanced monitoring and statistics

One of the best replacements for Internet Access Monitor, Net Balancer provides most of the services that the latter was known for. It allows observation of the whole network, be it connected through LAN or Wi-Fi or both.

Net Balancer doesn’t just monitor the activity on the network but can also set restrictions regarding the use of it. On top of that, it also provides information about the overall performance of the network on parameters like speed and others.

Another very impressive feature of this applications is the ability it gives to the user to club together various computers in a network and make their configuration same.

Rokario Bandwidth Monitor

Especially designed to take advantage of the asthetic features

Rokario’s Bandwidth Monitor is an effective application that functions on low resources but gives great results. It, of course, the usage and speed of your network but has a host of other features to help you in monitoring the overall performance of the network.

The information collected by this software can be presented in the kind of diagrams or graphs that suit you. You can also make arrangement in this application to provide you notifications regarding the usage of internet at certain times. There are even more features but they are accessible only to those who buy the premium version.

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