Alternatives Of Mail Access Monitor

With the parent company of Mail Access Monitor folded up, companies which relied on this precious software for monitoring the e-mail related activities of their employees are actively looking for alternatives.

You have to be wise in selecting the right monitoring app to use

While it is true that finding a software tool such as Mail Access Monitor is quite difficult, there isn’t complete dearth of options. There are still some applications available online which would allow company bosses to increase their supervision of employees’ mail activity.

But to choose which one is best suited to your requirements is not as easy as it may seem. Companies which have developed applications which monitor mail activity have loaded them with various features. So, it’s not easy to pick one. Well, we will try and help you out a bit by giving you an introduction to some of the best alternatives of Mail Access Monitor.

Server And Application Monitor

This is one of the most comprehensive mail monitors in the market. You can use it free of cost for only 30 days but it is worth a try certainly. This program can monitor more than 200 applications. Additional features of this program include alerts related to usage, generation of reports, asset inventory, etc.

Nagios Core

Nagios Core

Nagios’ Core is a free software but does not have some of those features which are present in the Nagios XI version that needs to be purchased. Its biggest appeal is that it is cost-effective and can be customized. While it can create problems for new users due to its complex installation process, once installed, it can be very useful.


Gathers and monitors datas from clusters and grids

Ganglia is the preferred option for networks with high-performance computing systems, the biggest example of which are clusters and grids. Because of its ability to engineer structures and algorithms of data, it has become a preferred choice in major institutions like universities.

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