Best Bandwidth Monitoring Softwares

Monitoring the bandwidth of the internet connection in your office is extremely important.

It allows you to know how much speed your network connection is getting as well as which department or which one of the systems attached to your network is hogging most of it.

Only by checking whether your network’s bandwidth is good enough to allow smooth functioning of your office’s operations can you optimize the work of your staff and the constituent units. So, let’s present a list of the best softwares out there for monitoring bandwidth.

PRTG Network Monitor

This application contains a multitude of features that monitor every aspect of your network. Using methods like SNMP and NetFlow, it provides performance monitoring, server monitoring, virtual machine monitoring alongside the core bandwidth monitoring.

ManageEngine Net Flow Analyzer

Another application that doesn’t just monitor bandwidth but other related aspects of your network’s performance as well. It is especially good at locating the bottlenecks in your network that are slowing down the speed of your connection. Through the great visualization of the information, it is possible for you to locate the exact IP address, applicant or protocol that is preventing your network from achieving its potential.


BandwidthD is capable of finding out which protocols or sources are hogging most of your bandwidth. The drawback of this application is that you will have to manually configure most of the settings. But once you do that, it is pretty crystal clear in finding out the performance of your network.

Solarwinds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor

A simple interface and reliable tracking of both your bandwidth and network usage are the benefits of this application. It has been rated highly by many people due to its efficiency. It is also able to depict inbound and outbound traffic in any system that has SNMP in your network.

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