About Us

Red Line Software is a leading name in the world of technology and software innovation.

We aim at creating products which make the life of individuals and offices easier and let’s them work according to their needs.

Many of our products focus on monitoring of activities related to the network installed in your office. We realise that internet is an extremely important resource that is available to offices and its use needs to be monitored and assessed carefully.

It often escapes our attention how much wastage of bandwidth takes places in office and how adversely it affects the overall performance of the office staff. If employees are using the office network for their own personal use like social media activity, then the speed available for essential office work will be much lesser and it would get delayed or slowed down. This would, consequently, lead to unnecessary loss of time and even money.

By ensuring that all the information regarding the use of network resources reaches a designated authority which could even be the topmost boss. Our softwares have received great responses from both critics who have lauded their effectiveness and the users who have felt the benefits.

Internet Access Monitor

This is probably the most popular and celebrated application that has come out of our stable. Internet Access Monitor allow office administrators to see what kind of activity each member of the staff that has a system assigned to him is indulging in.

It doesn’t just provide the basic stats about internet usage by different employees but also logs the websites visited by them and the kind of use they were put to, whether it was downloading or listening to music. It also notes how much bandwidth was hogged by an individual user.

The fact that this kind of surveillance is there prevents the employees from wasting time and resources in their personal work and remain committed to their job. Furthermore, if an employee is not spending as much time as required on those activities which are central to his work, he can be reprimanded.

Mail Access Monitor

This software is similar to Internet Access Monitor but looks at the email activity of each employee. This gives twin benefits. One, it prevents the employees from using their official email servers for sending or receiving personal messages. Secondly, by keeping a close watch on the amount of email activity that the sales department is indulging in, it can judge whether they are correctly doing their job.

The application merely notes the sender and receiver of the messages and does not reveal their content. So, there is no invasion of privacy.

Printer Activity Monitor

This application keeps a close watch on the usage of internet by different members of your staff. This is essential to prevent unnecessary consumption of paper and ink cartridges as well as dividing the workload between different printers suitably.

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